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Unraveling the Complexities of Mail and Wire Fraud

Wire and mail fraud constitute a broad spectrum of offenses frequently employed by the federal government in prosecuting white collar crimes that involve the utilization of the Internet or mail as integral components of the alleged illicit activities. The definition of wire and mail fraud is laid out in United States Code section 1343. In essence, the government must establish the following:

  • The defendant willfully and intentionally devised or participated in a scheme to defraud another party, aiming to obtain money or property through deceptive means.
  • The defendant harbored the intent to defraud.
  • It was reasonably foreseeable that interstate wire communications, such as transactions conducted over the Internet or via wire, would be employed.
  • In fact, interstate wire communications were utilized.

Additionally, Mail and Wire Fraud encompass the offense of Honest Services Fraud, which arises when an individual is accused of depriving their employer or the public of their rightful access to honest services through acts like bribery or kickbacks. It is crucial to note that undisclosed self-dealing, conflicts of interest, or secret payments alone do not constitute honest services fraud. This defense often proves to be one of the strongest counterarguments against this offense. In the private sector, employers can level accusations of honest services fraud involving kickbacks against employees, while in the public sector, allegations of bribery or kickbacks may arise in cases where public contracts are suspected of being unfairly awarded or bids being manipulated.

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Navigating Mail And Internet Fraud Charges In The Bay Area

Engaging in fraudulent activities through the use of an ATM or email can lead to a violation of the wire fraud statute. Additionally, tax fraud can also be prosecuted as wire fraud, further emphasizing the seriousness of such offenses.

Convictions for white collar crimes like mail or wire fraud can carry severe penalties, including imprisonment, fines, or both. The determining factor for sentencing in California and federal wire fraud cases often revolves around the extent of financial loss, which can be substantial in cases involving mortgage fraud. At Jayne Law Group, P.C., our dedicated attorneys tirelessly strive to mitigate these figures, working diligently to minimize the potential consequences. It is worth noting that if a financial institution is implicated, the fines and potential sentences can escalate even further.

When facing mail and internet fraud charges, it is crucial to have skilled legal representation by your side. At Jayne Law Group, P.C., we are committed to providing you with the vigorous defense and advocacy you deserve. Trust our team to protect your rights and diligently work towards achieving the most favorable outcome.

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