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Small-Business Defense

Jayne Law Group, P.C. provides small business throughout California with skilled business defense representation. No matter what type of issue your company faces, we have the knowledge and practical experience to help.

For guidance from a skilled San Francisco business defense attorney, contact our law firm online or call us at 415-623-3600 to schedule a consultation.

Workplace Harassment In The Bay Area

Harassment in the workplace happens far too frequently and can occur between employees of the same company or to employees while on the job by outsiders. A proper course of conduct for an employer may be to seek a workplace harassment order to prevent harassment on behalf of the employee. At Jayne Law Group, P.C., we have a great deal of experience in assisting employers and employees in seeking or defending workplace harassment orders.

Government Investigations, Prosecutions And Enforcement Actions

Businesses can be held criminally liable for any criminal act carried out by one of their agents if that act occurs within the scope of the agent’s employment for the benefit of the corporation. Additionally, officers and employees can also be held personally liable for crimes committed in the course of their duties.

Jayne Law Group, P.C. represents corporations that state and federal agencies are investigating or have accused of wrongdoing. As a former prosecutor, Julia Jayne has the benefit of understanding the perspective and the job of the government. This former prosecutorial experience brings valuable insight to our representation of clients who are under investigation, as well as clients needing advice on general corporate compliance.

There are several different methods by which government agencies conduct investigations, and we are able to assist in any of these:

  • Search Warrant: When a criminal investigating agency has reason to believe that a company may destroy incriminating evidence, a judge is authorized to issue a search warrant, which allows the agency to forcefully enter a premises and conduct a search. We advise retaining legal counsel as quickly as possible in order to be present for the search, interact with law enforcement, determine the nature and purpose of the search, review the validity of the warrant and help minimize the disruption of ongoing business activity.

  • Grand Jury Subpoena: Prosecutors frequently use grand juries to assist in the investigation of criminal cases. The grand jury has the power to issue a subpoena for records and testimony. The receipt of a subpoena does not necessarily indicate that the business is suspected of criminal activity, but this is a possibility. Often it is the case that subpoenas are issued to third parties for information that may aid the grand jury and the prosecutor in investigating criminal conduct. We have experience in representing companies and their employees in responding to subpoenas for either documents or testimony.

  • Prosecutorial Discretion: Government agencies have a wide range of remedies available to them when investigating and prosecuting violations of agency laws, rules and regulations. After an investigation has begun or is completed, a prosecutor or the agency at issue must determine whether a law or regulation has been violated. There are a number of different directions an investigation could go. Hiring experienced counsel at the very outset of an investigation of any sort could make the difference between being criminally prosecuted, fined, sued, imprisoned or having the investigation closed. Our prior experience shows that stepping in and being proactive at the outset and making the correct decision works very well in our clients’ favor.

By taking prompt action, we are able to assist businesses in limiting their exposure to criminal liability by promptly investigating the allegations of misconduct, if any, and taking the appropriate remedial action.

Business Victim Representation

Businesses can be victims as well — the victims of trade secret theft, counterfeiting and misappropriation of funds, among others. Frequently, businesses turn to civil litigation in order to recover their losses. However, litigation can be expensive and time-consuming.

Alternatively, victims of crimes are entitled to restitution from those who are prosecuted, and thus criminal prosecution of the company’s offenders may be a more productive method to recover losses. We represent businesses that are victimized and assist in presenting those cases to prosecutors for further investigation and prosecution. Successful outcomes include restitution awards.

Corporate Formation And Business Disputes

For corporate formation, business disputes, contracts and the like, Jayne Law Group works with of counsel attorneys at Lvovich & Szcuscko.

Contact A Skilled California Business Defense Lawyer

Business owners frequently do not know what to do or who to turn to upon discovery of employee misconduct, breach of confidentiality or even employee embezzlement. Our experienced attorneys know the proper course of conduct in such situations, and will be able to effectively advise business owners, officers and managers. Contact us for assistance with your business compliance.