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Theft Offenses

Being convicted for any type of theft will have a negative effect on your future. Even a minor charge such as shoplifting or petty theft could destroy your ability to attend college, get certain jobs, maintain a professional license or get credit. Working with an experienced defense lawyer may prevent a conviction and keep your future on track.

To learn more about your options after being charged with theft, contact a skilled defense lawyer at Jayne Law Group, P.C., in San Francisco. You may also call us at 415-623-3600 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Defending Against Shoplifting And Theft Charges

Unlawfully taking another person’s property or using deceit to obtain property or services may result in theft charges. This may include shoplifting, petty or grand larceny, auto theft, credit card theft or identity theft. While credit card and identity theft may be aggressively prosecuted, lower-level theft may be resolved with alternative resolutions such as diversion or community court.

We know how to negotiate with prosecutors and argue for reduced criminal charges or sentences. In addition, we strive to help repeat theft offenders by getting them into counseling. Our experience with how each Bay Area county handles theft crimes is critical because we know the available programs and sentencing guidelines.

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