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Tax Fraud

The punishment for violations of the tax laws can be steep, depending on how much “loss” the government alleges. That is why it is tremendously important that your criminal defense lawyer understands the tax fraud laws and is prepared to fight for your defense while also understanding how to negotiate successfully.

You will be in good hands if you work with Jayne Law Group, P.C., in San Francisco. Contact us regarding your tax fraud defense to schedule a free initial consultation.

Tax Evasion And Fraud Defense In The Bay Area

A person can be investigated or charged with tax fraud in a variety of situations. For example:

  • Evading taxes
  • Underpaying taxes and overstating expenses
  • Misfiling returns
  • Filing fraudulent returns
  • Employment tax fraud
  • False payroll returns
  • Conspiracy to obstruct the IRS and more

The crime can be prosecuted in state or federal court, depending on the taxes at issue. You can rely on our passionate defense lawyers for guidance through the entire process, at all stages of a fraud-related investigation – in and out of court.

Contact A Skilled Tax Fraud Defense Attorney Today

Anyone facing an investigation or prosecution involving tax fraud in California by the Franchise Tax Board or federally, by the Internal Revenue Service, should immediately contact Jayne Law Group, P.C.

We can assist you with understanding the laws, give advice on how to proceed, explain the potential sentence and losses, and give you an aggressive defense, without hesitation. Call 415-623-3600 today.