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Jayne Law Group, P.C. is a boutique criminal defense firm specializing in white-collar crime, complex criminal defense, and trial work. We represent individuals and businesses under investigation, facing criminal charges, or those seeking early compliance with federal laws and regulations. Because our firm has over 23 years of experience trying cases, we bring a big-picture approach to every case and client. What makes our firm unique is that we believe in providing each client with personalized attention, ensuring that every client understands and is educated about their case. As proven time and again, we are not afraid to go to bat on behalf of our clients against the government.

Trust Your Future To One Of The Premier Boutique Criminal Defense Firms In The San Francisco Bay Area.

A History Of Positive Outcomes

Jayne Law Group was originally founded in 2006 by two former prosecutors. This experience on the other side of the table gives our clients a strategic advantage, since we understand the inner workings, motives, and politics within a prosecutor’s office. We consistently get the best possible result for our clients, be it a dismissal, acquittal, reduced charges or no charges, diversion, success through motion practice, or some other positive outcome, as attested to by our many online reviews and client testimonials. We don’t give up until we have exhausted every angle of the criminal justice system. Jayne Law Group was selected by the Daily Journal as one of the Top 20 Boutique Law Firms in California.

Defending State And Federal Crimes

Our defense lawyers have considerable experience with state and federal crimes, including drug offenses, property crimes, violent crimes and white collar crimes. We can stand up to federal prosecutors in cases such as fraud, embezzlement and securities violations involving millions of dollars.

Conviction for a violent crime can result in years in prison, especially if a weapons violation is added to the charges. Assault and battery, sexual offenses and domestic violence also have very serious consequences that can affect the rest of your life if you are convicted.

In addition to criminal defense, we help people expunge crimes from their records. We also work with experienced of-counsel Terry Szucsko to file or respond to restraining orders for individuals with domestic violence, workplace violence, civil harassment and elder protection needs

Julia Mezhinsky Jayne

What Our Clients Say

I am writing this to let you know my appreciation for your excellent and professional assistance . . . You will always be my lawyer whenever I need one, and I am truly satisfied with the service you provided. I will definitely recommend you to my friends who may need a legal consultant.
– F.H.

I can not tell you how much I appreciate you hanging in there with DM and his case. Honestly, if I were you I may have given up on him and his stubbornness. I am glad you did not. I enjoyed meeting you Julia. I just wish it would have been under different circumstances…
– R.M.M.
Everything worked out exactly how you said it would. I am really impressed with your professionalism and quick action. If anyone is in a jam I will send them your way. Thanks so much.
– M.D.