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Case Results

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Case Results



  • Federal, white-collar client released from prison early due to successful compassionate release motion based on COVID-19.
  • Federal heroin sales case resolved for six month diversion
  • Federal methamphetamine sales case resolved for deferred entry of judgment program
  • Federal sales of large amount of controlled substance – no custody time
  • Federal conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine dismissed prior to trial
  • Federal conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine resolved for one phone count and probation term
  • Federal marijuana distribution case with felony drug priors resolved for one telephone count with a sentence of six months probation and no jail time.
  • Federal conspiracy to distribute cocaine acquittal on forfeiture of funds seized
  • Federal indictment charging felony Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice reduced to misdemeanor violation of a court order
  • Federal charges of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana, manufacturing marijuana, conspiracy to use a place to manufacture and distribute marijuana all dismissed prior to trial
  • Federal indictment charging two felony firearms possession counts dismissed prior to trial
  • Federal indictment of conspiracy to distribute large quantities of cocaine dismissed prior to trial
  • Federal supervised release violation of alleged domestic violence dismissed
  • Federal environmental crimes case resulted in lower sentence post-trial than pre-trial offer


  • Felony possession of AR 15 assault rifle — case dismissed in Santa Clara County
  • Misdemeanor domestic violence and assault — case dismissed after voluntary counseling in San Francisco
  • Felony possession and sales of methamphetamine — case dismissed after 6 month pre-plea diversion in San Francisco
  • Felony Domestic Violence case dismissed at preliminary hearing – Solano County
  • DUI case – resolved for wet reckless – San Mateo County
  • Domestic Violence case – dismissed prior to trial in San Mateo County
  • Marijuana Sales & Transportation case – charges dismissed prior to trial in Napa County
  • Transportation of Controlled Substance – dismissed prior to trial in Sonoma County
  • Assault with Deadly Weapon – resolved for Deferred Entry of Judgment in Alameda County
  • Embezzlement of a large amount of Funds – resolved for Deferred Entry of Judgment in San Francisco County
  • Felony Assault and Possession of Concealed Firearm dismissed after preliminary hearing in San Mateo County.
  • Felony assault with deadly weapon dismissed prior to preliminary hearing in San Francisco.
  • Third-time DUI dismissed before trial in San Mateo County.
  • Several counts of felony assault and battery and false imprisonment reduced to misdemeanor disturbing the peace, no jail time.
  • Domestic Violence Case -client acquitted after jury trial in San Francisco.
  • No license suspension with the DMV in vehicular manslaughter case.
  • DUI dismissed by DA on the day of trial in Costa Contra County
  • Felony robbery reduced to misdemeanor assault in San Francisco
  • Prostitution charge reduced to a disturbing the peace infraction in Alameda County
  • Battery charge reduced to drunk in public and resolved for pre-plea diversion in San Francisco
  • Domestic violence, false imprisonment, and criminal threats charges dismissed prior to trial in San Francisco.
  • Assault with Deadly Weapon charge dismissed prior to trial in San Francisco
  • Motion to Revoke Felony Probation dismissed in San Francisco
  • Felony possession of methamphetamine dismissed after six months of deferred prosecution in Alameda County
  • Felony possession of a firearm by a felon resolved by a drug treatment program in San Francisco
  • Felony DUI causing injury (with prior) and felony hit-and-run causing injury reduced to misdemeanor DUI and hit-and-run in Contra Costa County
  • Theft and battery charges dismissed pursuant to a deferred prosecution in Alameda County
  • Domestic violence, vandalism, and restraining order violations dismissed prior to trial in Marin County
  • Vehicular manslaughter charge, with acquittal on hit-and-run charge, resulted in a sentence of 30 days of home detention and community service in Contra Costa County
  • .32 blood alcohol level DUI reduced to simple first-time offense in San Francisco
  • Misdemeanor false identity case dismissed after motion to suppress in Marin County
  • San Francisco Domestic Violence case – client acquitted after jury trial