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Antitrust laws were created to prevent monopolies and price fixing by a small number of industry tycoons in the 19th century. Today, antitrust law is still used to combat unfair business practices and prevent entities from taking up too much of a given market.

At Jayne Law Group, P.C., we represent individuals and corporations who are defending against claims of antitrust violations. We understand the fine line between competitive business strategies and illegal interference and can use that knowledge to help you defend your business.

California And Federal Antitrust Laws

Antitrust cases usually involve the federal government because unfair business practices have an impact on commerce between states. The laws are broad and can involve restraint on trade in the field of electronics, bid-rigging of properties, commercial goods and services, in virtually any industry.

How Is Antitrust Law Enforced?

Antitrust claims are generally brought in one of two ways. In some cases, a state attorney general will file an action against a business they believe is engaging in unfair practices. They might ask the court for an injunction, which is meant to force a defendant to stop engaging in a certain activity. In other situations, they may pursue punishment in the form of fines against the business. Individuals of course can also be charged and prosecuted for anti-trust, non-competitive conduct in a variety of business contexts. Alternatively, a business can also file a private antitrust action against a competitor.

As a former prosecutor of white collar crimes, attorney Julia Jayne approaches antitrust defense cases with the government’s perspective in mind. We know how to ensure your rights are protected when you are faced with a claim by the federal government. You can trust that we will provide an aggressive defense and will do all we can to prevent antitrust accusations from impacting your business.

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