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Jayne Law Group, P.C., defends the rights of individuals charged with conspiracy crimes not only in California, but also in federal courts throughout the country. From drug charges to violent crimes, we have the skill and knowledge required to build a solid defense to your charges.

If you are charged with conspiracy, the penalties you face are severe. Contact a passionate criminal defense lawyer in San Francisco today. You may also call our law firm at 415-623-3600 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Dedicated To Fighting Conspiracy Charges

Many people get charged with conspiracy in the federal or state courts, and end up confused about how this occurred. The conspiracy laws are some of the broadest criminal statutes and can create panic and confusion among those facing such charges. 18 U.S.C. § 371 defines conspiracy to commit an offense or defraud the United States. The language of the statute is extremely broad and can be used to prosecute any number of underlying white collar crimes or other crimes such as:

The list is long because the crime entails two or more people engaging in conduct which implicates a crime. Meeting, talking or planning can all constitute “conspiratorial” conduct. It’s much broader than most people realize and nearly any crime can be charged as a conspiracy if more than one person is alleged to be involved.

Put Our Experience On Your Side

It is essential that a person charged with conspiracy be represented by a lawyer who knows exactly how to handle a conspiracy case. At Jayne Law Group, this is second nature. Julia Jayne has defended many people and small businesses in conspiracy cases, where the underlying offenses ranged from drug sales to health care fraud.

Our case results have always been to the client’s satisfaction. Contact us for more information by calling 415-623-3600.