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Federal Crimes

When state laws are broken and someone is arrested, individuals facing criminal charges are tried in state court. However, when the illegal activity involved laws that have been established by the federal government and passed by Congress, the case can be prosecuted in federal court. These types of cases are extremely serious, as the government has vast resources with which to take action against alleged federal offenders.

To understand the difference between state and federal crimes, and to effectively fight the federal charges you are facing, you need a lawyer on your side who will provide you with the information you need and fight for your rights every step of the way. At Jayne Law Group, P.C., in San Francisco, we confidently work to protect our clients’ futures in federal court.

Julia Jayne has handled hundreds of federal cases in federal courts throughout the country, though most often, in California. She has an outstanding reputation among the federal judges, and knows many of the prosecutors. Federal court is a completely different animal than state court, and if you are facing federal charges, you should only work with an attorney who has extensive experience in federal court, such as Julia Jayne.

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Types Of Federal Crimes

We handle all federal criminal matters, including:

Consequences For A Federal Conviction

Many convictions in federal cases will result in extensive jail time, to be done in a federal prison. Also if you are convicted on a federal charge, you may be responsible for paying large monetary fines and fees, and may have to forfeit property and other items. Certain federal crimes carry mandatory minimum penalties, including for gun charges and for those with prior criminal convictions. Federal homicide cases may even be eligible for the death penalty. As you can see, these consequences are very serious and can be devastating for your life and your family. Any conviction on your record will affect your educational and employment opportunities in the future. We are committed to defending your rights and minimizing these consequences, or preventing them, whenever possible.

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