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Federal Drug Crimes

Since the government is continuing to create laws in order to curtail criminal activity, there are a great number of federal drug charges that are being filed in federal courts throughout the country. There is often no clear line between what is a federal drug crime and what is a state drug crime.

We at Jayne Law Group, P.C., are savvy in our understanding of the federal drug laws and federal drug prosecutions and therefore can explain how they may apply in your situation. Under the guidance of attorney Julia Mezhinsky Jayne, a former prosecutor who now aggressively defends clients facing federal drug charges, we do not back down from federal prosecutors when handling your case.

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Comprehensive Representation In Federal Drug Cases

We are committed to arguing every point of your case to ensure your case is fully heard and understood. You may be facing serious custody time, large fines, the forfeiture of property or other consequences if you are charged with:

  • Federal drug possession
  • Federal drug trafficking
  • Federal cultivation or manufacture
  • Federal sale or distribution
  • Federal possession with intent to sell or distribute
  • Racketeering Conspiracy (RICO) to sell or distribute controlled substances

These cases can pertain to any type of illegal narcotics or prescription drugs. Additionally, other charges may be filed in conjunction with a federal drug charge, such as conspiracy or theft.

Marijuana-Related Crimes

Even though certain marijuana possession may be legal on the state level, its possession, cultivation and distribution are still considered illegal according to federal laws. Government officials are taking action against dispensaries and individuals at an increasing rate. If you find yourself a target due to your involvement in the marijuana industry, we can help.

Put An Experienced Fighter On Your Side

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