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White Collar Crimes

If you find yourself facing the possibility of being charged with a white-collar crime, it is of utmost importance to seek the counsel of a lawyer without delay. By involving legal representation early in the process, particularly during the investigative stage, it may be possible to prevent the case from advancing to the prosecution stage. This holds particular significance in cases considered to be white collar crimes (in other words, financial crimes).

At Jayne Law Group, P.C., we specialize in providing experienced defense representation for individuals and corporations facing state and federal white-collar crime charges. Our expertise extends to defending professionals from diverse backgrounds, ranging from CEOs and CTOs to administrative assistants, heart surgeons to dentists. We possess the requisite skills to navigate cases involving extensive document volumes and intricate legal and financial complexities. Such cases demand the utmost seriousness and necessitate years of experience to truly comprehend and defend. With Julia Jayne having successfully defended numerous individuals and companies, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of the governing rules in state and federal practice, as well as the strategic acumen required to navigate white-collar cases and investigations.

White collar cases also tend to draw media attention. Thus, it is critical to have an attorney who has experience speaking to the press, while knowing when not to make a statement. Julia Jayne has handled countless high-profile cases, many of which get reported by outlets such as Law360, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, and more.

We also provide bilingual representation in the Russian language.

To discuss your case with our San Francisco white collar crime attorneys, please call 415-623-3600 or contact us online. Your consultation is free.

Types Of White Collar Cases

  • Fraud — We handle cases involving bank fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, and mail and wire fraud, securities fraud (which includes insider trading), among many other types of fraud.
  • Embezzlement and theft — From shoplifting to multimillion-dollar embezzlement, we have experience with all types of theft.
  • Conspiracy — Conspiracy charges can encompass a wide variety of situations that may be considered “conspiratorial” conduct. Our firm can help you understand your specific charges and what they mean for your future.
  • Honest Services Fraud — Unlike pecuniary or monetary fraud, honest services fraud includes allegations of bribery and/or kickbacks that implicate the loss of honest services. In the private sector, this is when an employee is accused of depriving their employer of their honest services through bribes or kickbacks. In the public sector, this can implicate bribes or kickbacks involving public officials, especially in the awarding of public contracts.
  • Other white collar charges We can represent you in any type of white collar case, including Internet crimes, money laundering, tax crimes and antitrust defense.
  • Small Business Service and Compliance

Your Ally in the Complex World of Criminal Justice  

In numerous instances, individuals who face charges for their first white collar crime offense were unaware that their actions were unlawful. We possess the expertise in representing defendants in such predicaments. We engage in comprehensive discussions about the progression of their cases, collaborating with prosecutors to elucidate our clients’ position. Whether the issue stems from a minor accounting error or the client unknowingly played a role in a criminal enterprise, we navigate negotiations and, if appropriate, advocate for our client to serve as a witness in these cases. Employing all our skills, resources, and working alongside accomplished investigators, we strive to attain the most favorable outcome for our clients.

In building a robust defense for white collar cases, we forge partnerships with forensic accountants, environmental experts, computer specialists, and investigators. Our firm possesses the capability to handle a wide spectrum of white collar crime charges, and we boast extensive experience in electronic discovery and leveraging various technological tools.

Our white collar practice extends to the representation of individuals and businesses accused of misconduct. Should your business come under investigation, we stand ready to assist you in dealing with search warrants and responding to grand jury subpoenas. In addition to mounting a vigorous defense against any allegations, we prioritize minimizing the disruption to your business operations.

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