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Thank you Ashley for everything. you were wonderful through this entire process. my only regret is that i cant say what im sharing with you now in person … again, thank you. please continue to fight the good fight and stand for those who have no legs to do so. – C.A.

One word to describe Julia … AMAZING!

My case was rather unique and she made the process as painless as she possibly could. Long story short, I was involved in a criminal case at which I was not at fault. I was arrested and everything, but was cited and released the same night. I consulted with Julia regarding my case which was originally misdemeanors, but was bumped up to felonies! After 3 long miserable months of worrying (not her fault, but that’s how things work with San Mateo County), Julia worked her magic and got everything sorted out.

Julia is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I highly recommend her for any legal matter you, your family or friends may face. – John D., San Francisco

From my very first phone call to Jayne Law Group, I felt like Julia was the right criminal defense attorney to handle my case. Julia far surpassed my expectations and had all charges completely dismissed. Julia‘s knowledge and experience of both sides of the legal system proved essential to winning my case. She exudes confidence and commands respect when she walks in the room. Her positive attitude is infectious. I highly recommend Julia if you are ever in need of a criminal defense attorney in the Bay area. -– Stephen R. Washington, DC

Julia Jayne is a godsend. I was facing serious drug-related charges and very afraid of the possible outcome. After an extensive online search, I contacted Jayne Law Group for her assessment of my case and a quote. I immediately selected her firm to represent me, and am very glad I did. She successfully negotiated an arrangement that allowed me to avoid jail time and not have a felony conviction on my permanent record, the two things I was most hoping for. Choosing Jayne Law Group was the right decision for me and they were worth every penny. – Vince A. San Francisco, CA

Julia is a phenomenal lawyer! I had to deal with trumped up charges by an over zealous Alameda detective some years back. Julia was on top of everything immediately and always kept me up to date on the latest developments. She was patient with me and forward about all my options. She responded to emails and phone calls right away and in the end got two serious charges, for a crime I did not commit, reduced to a very minimal one in the best possible deal. She also talked down the probation and community service requirements. Alter everything was settled she handled my expungement fast and efficiently. I cannot stress how fantastic she is and refer all my friends and family who need an attorney to her. – Chris I. San Jose, CA

Julia is by far one of the best lawyers I have dealt with in the past . Her determination and drive is driven by the motive to win every case . She has gotten me out of a sticky situation that I was wrongfully accused of. I have nothing but positive results and positive energy in dealing with her . She is understanding and also is willing to put forth the effort to get you out at no matter what it takes . I highly recommend her to anybody dealing with a federal and or state case . She has worked on both in my case. — Jaedon E. Oakland, CA

I got involved in an unfortunate case for the first time in life. I hired Julia alter reading the reviews about her on yelp. I cannot thank her enough for taking of care of my case very diligently and genuinely and for being in my side like a sister in the most stressful challenge of my life . She was so understanding and truly and genuinely went above and beyond to get my case dismissed and she finally did ! It was a very difficult case and what she did for me and the outcome that I got was beyond my imagination and hopefully I may be afforded the opportunity to best express my gratitude and appreciation for what she did.
I can not thank her enough. God bless her and her family.
If I could give Julia more than 5 stars I would give 100. – Ashkan M. San Francisco, CA

All of the charges were dropped. I really appreciate your time and help. – A.B.

Such a great news! You are the best attorney ever! Thank you!! – M.S

I am writing this to let you know my appreciation for your excellent and professional assistance … You will always be my lawyer whenever I need one, and I am truly satisfied with the service you provided. I will definitely recommend you to my friends who may need a legal consultant. – F.H.

I can not tell you how much I appreciate you hanging in there with DM and his case. Honestly, if I were you I may have given up on him and his stubbornness. I am glad you did not. I enjoyed meeting you Julia. I just wish it would have been under different circumstances…..): – R.M.M.

Everything worked out exactly how you said it would. I am really impressed with your professionalism and quick action. If anyone is in a jam I will send them your way. Thanks so much. – M.D.

I hired Julia Jayne to represent my husband in a criminal case. His previous lawyer got him in more trouble than he already was. There was a big misunderstanding with the police and the charges he was facing were unbelievable. Julia was very determined to get those charges dropped or changed. She was always available and work very well with me, family members, and my immigration attorneys. She put the extra effort in her work. The outcome was amazing. My husband didn’t have to face charges for something he did not do. Julia is really an extraordinary lawyer. I recommend her completely! – B.C.

My family and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting me through this rough time. I hope you all the best and would recommend you to anyone that would be unfortunate enough to need representation. You will never know how relieved I am and can continue living life again. – C.T.

That’s incredible! Thank you so much for your help! You’re a wizard! Thank you for a great Christmas present! – R.T.

Many thanks for everything. I have no plans to come to CA but if I do I would like to see you and thank you for all you have done personally. My life was a wreck for those 5 months until you came through! I’m back to my old self … – B.H.

I have distinct delightful honor to thank you so much on behalf of my family from our bottom of our hearts. Your help to save & protect XXX is highly appreciated. – B.E.

you both are awesome lawyers! – S.A.

Thanks a lot for making this relatively painless. I know it could have turned out worse than just feeling broke. I’d definitely refer people to you in the future. – S.L.

I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and recognize your great effort. You did an awesome job and we were all impressed on how well-prepared you were (and at your ability to think so quickly and logically to combat curves that were thrown your way).– M.T.

As my case approaching to end, I would like to thank you for your great help, understanding and patience. – L.T.

Again, thank you for your help but more importantly your demeanor and understanding was truly a comfort.– F.A.

Thank you very much for this update you are really good lawyer and a nice person. – E.F.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help, one of my angels that has made this incredible transformation possible for me. In my daily moments of profound joy, you are connected to that through your support. – C.H.

Thank you so much again for all of your hard work and help! I really appreciate everything you have done for us. – W.S.

Wow- that letter you wrote is amazing. How you even composed such a coherent statement from our brief meeting is a testament to your skills. I was so impressed with you. – W.N.

Thank you for all your help and good work regarding my case. I’m very appreciative for all that you have done in your effort to help me navigate through all of it so smoothly. Thank you for your patience in answering all my questions. You’re the best! – P.G.

It was a comfort and real advantage for me knowing that you were my counsel, so many many thanks. – S.P.

Thank you demonstrating an exceptionally high degree of professionalism, integrity and expertise in my disposing of my case. Your dedication and superior achievements reflect great credit upon yourself, your law firm and your profession. – A.S.

Thank you very much for the work you have done for me.

You have another satisfied client, in case anyone asks for reference you can give them my number.

Thank you. – V.B.

I do not believe that I gave you the thank you that you deserve for all of your hard work and passion on my case. The entire experience has shaped where I am and what I am passionate about. – B.M.

Thank you kindly for your professional service, and the excellent results! – R.W.

I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and recognize your great effort. You did an awesome job and we were all impressed on how well-prepared you were (and at your ability to think so quickly and logically to combat curves that were thrown your way). – M.T.

I think you are a very professional, patient and well organized person. It’s a moment of relief because I can finally present the truth and explain to someone that I am innocent. You gave me the hope of seeing the light at the end of tunnel. I feel comfortable to have you representing me. – E.Y.