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Criminal Defense

At Jayne Law Group, P.C., we provide experienced criminal defense representation to individuals and corporations in California. Having prior experience working for the government, we understand both sides of criminal cases. This allows us to anticipate and counteract the government’s case against you. We understand that when someone is facing criminal charges, it can be the most stressful and daunting experience in one’s life. We are prepared to work hard and fight for our clients when everything is on the line. We have extensive experience with state and federal defense. Because state and federal prosecutors have numerous agencies and investigators working for them, you need a lawyer who is not afraid to battle the state and federal governments, including various government agencies. We are skilled litigators who understand that it takes years of experience to successfully defend a criminal case. Each case is unique and presents novel issues. That’s why we don’t take short cuts, don’t undermine the opposition, and investigate and research until we’ve left no stone unturned. We believe this is the only way to respect our clients and provide the best possible representation.

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Our Criminal Defense Practice Our attorneys can handle any criminal case, including:

  • Drug crimes We have experience with state and federal defense against charges ranging from possession to cultivation and trafficking. Drug crimes are also often charges as conspiracy and the drugs can range from cocaine to heroin, methamphetamine, oxycodone and fentanyl. When possible, we argue for diversion and alternative sentencing.
  • White collar crimes We have experience handling all white collar crime offenses, including antitrust violations, computer crimes, money laundering, environmental crimes and tax violations.
  • Violent crimes Violent crimes can be the most serious, with daunting penalties. Our firm steps up to defendant individuals in a wide range of allegations relating to violent crime, such as assault, battery, domestic violence, etc. We know how to contest all types of violent crime charges.
  • Weapons violations Using a weapon to commit a crime can result in enhanced sentencing. You need an experienced attorney to defend you. We’ve handled a large range of weapons violations and our results are fantastic. This is why so many clients say Jayne Law Group is the best defense firm for weapons violations.
  • Restraining orders and domestic violenceWhether you have been charged with domestic violence or need to file a restraining order, we work with our of-counsel to represent you. We have an excellent record of success with restraining orders.
  • DUI and traffic violationsDUI penalties include fines, license suspension and possible jail time. We can help you fight the charges and get your driver’s license back. We have experience dealing with the District Attorney’s office and the DMV.
  • ExpungementsIf you meet certain criteria, we may be able to expunge your crime from your record or handle a petition for factual innocence, sealing arrest records or the newly-enacted CARE act to seal a closed arrest. Call us for details.

We also offer services for small businesses, including compliance and defense.

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